Over the years NFS has supplied NxWitness Ubuntu Linux NVR's with different "Desktop" interfaces. The Ubuntu Desktop is not exactly optimised for NVR use. It has significantly higher memory & cpu usage compared with NxOS images. It also has "bloat" software that uses OS disk space. Those extra resources are incredibly valuable on NVR hardware. Some of our support articles are specific to these versions, and the Screenshots below help to identify what version you might have.

NxOS 4.2 +

  • Ubuntu - 18.04 or 20.04LTS (CLI base)

  • Tint2 - Panel

  • Openbox - Window Manager

  • PCManFM - filemanager & desktop

  • Cockpit Web OS admin

We have learn't a lot over the years & decided to go back to the beginning - sort of. This release is our purest NxOS yet. It should survive future OS upgrades with no impact on the GUI or our Nx specific scripts.

NxOS 3.0

  • Ubuntu - 14.04 & 16.04LTS (CLI base)

  • Tint2 panel

  • Openbox Window Manager

We didn't know it at the time, but this version has proven to be most durable when upgrading NxOS to later Ubuntu releases.

NxOS 3.2

  • Elementary - 16.04LTS

  • Ubuntu derivative

Nx changed there OS support policy during this time that created a In Client Update issue for which NFS continue to provide a workaround.

NxOS 4.1

  • Lubuntu - 18.04LTS

  • Official Ubuntu

  • Cockpit Web Admin

Since this release, the Lubuntu design team decided to move future versions of Lubuntu Desktop to the QT framework. This means upgrading the OS will completely change the desktop interface & impact some of NFS's customisation.